Sunday, 19 August 2012

MESSAGE TO MRS+C (Eng. Academy) from M. Amaladoss SJ.

This is an audio message from the Indian Christian thinker Michael Amaladoss SJ to the English Academy when the Third Yr. Students of Theology presented a paper on  the theology and thought M. Amaladoss. 

The article which will be posted soon in the coming few days deals with the theology of M. Amaladoss and attempts to bring into interplay the theological perspective of M. Amaladoss with the struggling Indian masses which is characteristic of Amaladoss’ thinking and theological outlook. Touching on the areas of liturgy, inter- religious dialogue, inculturation and evangelization the article  exhibits an extraordinary breadth of understanding and scholarship of what Amaladoss thinks and stands for. References and citations from around 12 books and 11 journals makes it an interesting matter for anyone seriously engaged in understanding the theological perspective of  M. Amaladoss SJ. 

Click Here to view the entire Scientific Paper Presented

Jigmy Thomas
MRS+C News Desk

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