Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Post-modernism is a concept originated among artists and critics of New York in the 1960s. It is a typical western thought and has deeply influenced popular cultures of India today. Today it is employed in disciplines as such art, architecture, drama, film, fiction, cultural studies, philosophy and Theology. Our discussion is from the perspective of Christian Theology. Theologians today find in the post modern some hope to bring back god and religion. Modernity expected the death of God. Theology was expected to be the first to die. Therefore Pope Benedict sixteen reminds us that one cannot sit on the throne of luxury while reflecting on priesthood and religious life today...
Today there is lot of restlessness in the life of priest, religious and seminarians. And this is the real challenge we need to face, otherwise we may fall into a group what Pope Benedict XVI calls it, the “sin of habituation”, i.e. the light- minded about the gift of priesthood by getting used to it. We must start appreciating our restlessness, because it is not at all a negative religious dimension. As St. Augustine put it rightly, “O Lord my heart is restless until it rest in you”. Our way forward would be to face these challenges courageously and be ready to be disturbed by them. An armchair priest and religious are in danger of drifting away from his actual identity and ministry. So restlessness often brings us close to God and his plan of salvation... 
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