Sunday, 19 August 2012


It’s my pleasure to present you the report of the planning session for the year 2012-13. The meeting was held on 13th July, 2012 in the third year theologian lecture hall. It was a joyous occasion for the English academy which had Dr John Romus as the guest of honor and the new English academy moderator Rev. fr. Alphonso francis and the out going moderator Rev. Dr George Assariparambil.  The meeting commenced at 10.45 am, with the prayer song led by bro. Ranjith rossario subsequently secretary bro selvamani CMF presented the minitus of the previous meeting after few additions and correction the report was passed. Then Umakant malik the out going president of the English academy welcomed the dignitaries and the house with gamcha and flowers also with the words of love and warmth.
Then the new venture of the English academy was in the form releasing of the magazine which contains all the issues of last year English academy and few inspiring articles authored by the students of theology. Rev. Dr. John Romus the dean of the morning star college released the magazine with the words “publish or perish” and congratulated the team work and efforts to bring out magazine many more in the years to come. Then the out going  Moderator rev. Dr. George Assariparambil thanked all for the huge contribution for the success of the magazine especially bro. Jigmy Thomas and bro. Umaknat Malik for their constant efforts in materializing the magazine and warmly welcomed the new moderator Rev. fr. Alphonso Francis and officially handed over the files pertaining to the academy. Now the new moderator presided the planning session. Before planning the session the house went for electing the new president and the secretary, the house proposed bro. Robert Johnson and bro. Teleswer president and secretary respectively. The moderator had accepted them as president and secretary elect but they will exercise their duty only after having consulted with the staffs of the college.
Then we went for planning the session for the forth coming month 17th August. This meeting will be organized by the third year theologian they have decided to deal on the Indian Christian theologian Rev. Dr.  Michael Amaladoss. Then the second meeting on September 14th would be organized by the second year theologians on one of the current or burning issues. The following themes were suggested Higgs boson particle, problem of inflation, child abuse by clergy female infanticide, human trafficking, and the choice is left the3 group to choice the theme and present it. The third meeting would be organized on November 12th by the first year theologians. The house had spent some time for explaining to the first years about how to go about the meeting. After having tried to convince them, the moderator suggested they will plan together to organize the meeting; since they have so much time is left.
Finally, we discussed about the 25th January meeting whether to have debate or panel discussion the house has decided to have the panel discussion. The moderator has decided the topic to be kept open and the whole house would be prepared on time to venture it. After that moderator Rev. Fr Alphonso Francis gave us a message that “our aims are to draw the hearts of he people to Jesus for whom we must put up all our efforts to the maximum with in the available means. This effect would be seen how people respond to us when we preach about Jesus or speak about Jesus, thus it is two way traffic when we communicate it we do it to the full that, “others are drawn upon”, and we shall utilize the academy to the full to learn how to draw people to Jesus.
The out going president had gave few information and suggestion for the academy they are 1, allot some funds for English academy 2, there is a space for the English academy in the morning star college the address is so kindly post your articles before that check the grammatical errors of your articles, give right and correct references, avoid negative comments about the persons with names, last but not so lately bro peter proposed the vote of thanks to the gathering and moderator prayed the final prayer with that the meeting came to an end at 12.15 pm.
                                                                                                Yours sincerely,
                                                                                       Selvamani David. CMF.
                                                                                                (The secretary)

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