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The Minutes of the last English Academy held on 16th January 2015

The Minutes of the last English Academy held on 16th January 2015

The fifth English Academy took place in the class room of the students of Third year Theology, on 16th Jan 2015 at 10.40 a.m. The session started by invoking the presence of God by Bro. James Sangma, after which he welcomed the group and the moderator. Since it was the planning session for the forthcoming English Academy Fr. Sylvester the Moderator became the chair person to lead the academy. Then the secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting and passed it to be signed.
As it was the first meeting in this year Fr. Sylvester wished everyone Happy New Year. Then he asked in which way to conduct the next meeting, whether to have panel discussion or debate? Regarding this argument took place amongst the members. Some agreed upon to have panel discussion while others for debate. Some of them from the group expressed their  concern regarding the issue because if it is going to be the panel discussion then there will be someone to  guide us to reach the conclusion otherwise the discussion will go on and on. While some others said that debate is better because in debate time is allotted and there are people to talk for and against therefore debate is good. So at last majority of them opted for the debate. Then we discussed how to go about. So many topics were put forward like:
1.      Religion is a boon or bane.
2.      Vocation is from God or from the superiors.
3.      Ghar wapsi.
4.      Use of contraceptives. (For and Against).
5.      Anti- conversion Bill.
6.      Same sex marriage.
7.      Priestly celibacy and future of the church.
At last majority of them decided to take the topic on ‘The Use of Contraceptives’ though some opposed it, giving reasons that it is difficult topic to discuss  still the final decision was taken on  the topic for the debate. Then we talked about who will present? So some suggested that two members from each class to present, one for and the other against.  Finally all agreed to decide in their own classes to choose the representatives.
Fr. Sylvester thanked all for the last sessions and said that next one is going to be a good topic and looking forward to listen. He also said that for the third year students it could be the last session so they are requested to take active part in the coming debate. Once again Bro. James thanked all on behalf of the moderator and secretary especially for those who arranged the sound system. At 11.45 with the announcement of the next English academy the meeting came to an end.

Yours Sincerely
Sr.Rosali R.N.D.M.

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