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The Minutes of the last English Academy.

The Minutes of the last English Academy held on 17th October 2014
The fourth English academy took place on the Ground Floor Examination Hall on 17th oct.2014 at 10.40 a.m. The session started by a short prayer which was lead by the 1st year theologians. Bro James D. Sangma, the president gave the welcome address and invited the Chair person Fr. Stanislaus to take up his place on the dais and introduced the topic “Human Trafficking”. The Secretary read out the minutes of the last meeting and passed it to be signed by the chair person. Father thanked the moderator for giving him the opportunity to be the chair person. He shared some of his pastoral experiences especially how to educate the people regarding this particular topic.After the short introduction he invited the group to present their paper.Bro. Susai Raj began the sharing by introducing the topic “Human Trafficking” which is the most prevalent in the present society. He emphasized that humantraffickingdestroys the person’s dignity and strips away the individual’s humanity. Then he read out the sub topics which the group members were assigned to present.
Bro. Michael Mundri spoke on the meaning of human trafficking. He said that today human trafficking is one of the largest challenges and problem in our society. The victims are subjected to rape, torture, starvation etc. There are network of such people who are involved in it known as dalas. They may be parents’ neighbours, relatives or lovers.  Bro.Chris Toppo shared on human trafficking in Indiathrough a short skit about how the simple people are being trafficked in different places. They are being traffickedfrequently for the purpose ofcommercial, sexual exploitation and forced labour. He focused on how the trafficking is done in North East and West Bengal. He brought to our notice that even the educated people have become the prey to human trafficking in the name of job placement.
Bro. Michael Raj shared his outlook on trafficking of the children and women in West Bengal. He said that there are 22 villages where human trafficking takes place. Child marriage is one of the major issues through which the minor girls are being trafficked.In his research, he brought out that West Bengal serves as a source, transit and destination for national and international trafficking of women and children.Girls are being brought from countries like Bangladesh and Nepal and supplied them to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur etc. Child trafficking was specified by Sr. Bindu Chacko. She explained few of the questions in her sharing, they are: what is child trafficking? What are the reasons for child trafficking? How is it prevalent today? From her sharing we were being enlightened that many families in India are unable to afford the basic necessities of life which forces the parents to sell their children. We need to empower the people regarding this issue so that we may have the better future.
Christian response to human trafficking was highlighted by Bro. Anant Singh. He said that Christians condemn the human trafficking. The fundamental teaching of Catholic social teaching isthe sanctity of human life.Ourresponse therefore requires that we internalise the basic dignity deserved by human beings and act upon that. Our response to human trafficking was the another topic spoken by Sr. Sasmita Parichha. She expressed her concern and said that need to work out collectively in order to solve this problem. This is one of the important factors that every individual irrespective of religion should look at and draw certain conclusion to eliminate it fully. One of the ways to respond and raise awareness is through governmental and nongovernmental organisations. Bro. Michael kerketta brought to our notice the different NGO’s and few missionaries who are working for it. Some of the NGOs are Anti Slavery International, Apne Aap Women’s Collective, Destiny Rescue, Children’s Rescue, Initiative Global Alliance against Traffic in Women, Mission, Bal vikas Ashram etc. All these organisations are functioning to create awareness among the people with regard to the human trafficking and also toaid the trafficked.
After listening to various topics on Human Trafficking Bro. Anjit Ekka put forward some of the recommendations for change.  First of all people shouldbe empowered throughthe help line publicity that are available. We need to be committed to eradicate poverty, provide quality education, innovative agricultural programmes etc.
In conclusion Bro. Mahindra Singh said that the Human Trafficking is the trade of humans most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, commercial exploitation and forced marriage. As believers and followers of Christ, it is our duty to think the ways possible to wipe out this social evil that is present in our society.
The Chair person thanked all the presenters for speaking on such a difficult topic.  Then he shared his experience regarding girl child slavery, organ steeling etc. Then Fr. Sylvester shared about his own relative who was being trafficked. After which Bro. James thanked the Chair person, TheModerator, The presenters and then the entire group. Withthe announcement of the next English Academy, the session got over at 12. 30 P.M.

Yours Sincerely
Sr.Rosali R.N.D.M.

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